Vison & Hearing Health

It is important to stay well informed when it comes to your vision and hearing health. This is why Andersen Eye Associates has created this section to provide valuable information for our patients on the most common vision and hearing ailments today.

Eye problems are common, and also frequently ignored. In some cases serious conditions can be avoided if caught soon enough. Typical warning signs are; Gray shadows in vision, vision loss, eye pain, red eye, and blurred vision. If any of these symptoms occur to you, please give us a call. Andersen Eye Associates treats these and many other eye health concerns:

Hearing loss, if left untreated, can lead to additional health problems. Many physicians do not screen for hearing loss during routine physical exams. A hearing test is part of an ear exam that tests how well a person is able to hear. It measures how well sound reaches the brain. Schedule a hearing test today if you suspect that you may be experiencing hearing issues. At Andersen Eye Associates, we are specially trained to detect and treat the following hearing health concerns:

  •    Hearing Loss
  •    Hearing Impairment
  •    Ear Infections

For questions concerning any of these vision or hearing problems, or others you may be experiencing, please contact us today. We have the most advanced eye care solutions in the Mid Michigan area.


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