Low Vision Services

The term low vision implies that there is a reduction in either visual acuity and/or visual field, but there is no specific definition for low vision. However, there are a variety of visual acuity levels used to classify a patient as having low vision.

Visual acuity is only one factor when defining a person as having low vision, and while there are a variety of acuity levels used to help classify a patient as having low vision, how vision affects person’s ability to perform everyday tasks is a more realistic criterion for determining a disability level.

Take for example two different people with 20/70 vision. The first is a truck driver who drives for a living, but with this acuity will not be able to perform the job. The second person is a waitress who most likely would be able to perform most of the tasks required of her job with little to no assistance.

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Legal blindness is defined as the best corrected visual acuity in the better eye that is less than or equal to 20/200 or a visual field that is less than or equal to 20 degrees in the widest diameter.


A low vision specialist is an eye-care provider who specializes in the evaluation of a patient with impaired vision and prescribes optical devices. These devices include microscopes and magnifiers; there are electronic devices for near tasks and spectacles and telescopes for distance tasks.


A low vision examination is an optical and functional evaluation to determine whether the patient's vision can be enhanced to enable participation in desired activities. Click here for more information on our low vision exams.

The Low Vision Team at Andersen Eye Associates is dedicated to helping find a solution for every vision need and enhancing your life.


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