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Retina Saginaw

Taking care of your eyesight means that you have to attend regular checkups with your eye doctor. This also includes having a healthy diet, avoiding spending too much time looking at bright screens, and more. It may be too much of a task, but it can be of great help for your eyes, most especially for your retinas.

Retinas are responsible for converting light into signals that will be interpreted in the brain. When you encounter problems with its functions, consider seeking help from doctors specializing in surgery of the retina in Saginaw. As you age, there’s really a chance for you to have lowered eyesight quality. One of the things you can be at risk of is the detachment of the retina.

Surgery specialists for the retina in Saginaw recommend assessing whether you have a heavy-eye feeling, see an increased number of floaters, and experience photopsia. Visit them for a consultation immediately. Surgical doctors who often work with the retina in Saginaw might recommend cryopexy.

Benefits of Getting Cryotherapy for Your Retina in Saginaw

There are many treatment options for a detached retina in Saginaw. But one of the most common procedure doctors specializing in surgeries of the retina in Saginaw do to their patients is retinal cryotherapy or cryopexy. But what is this?

Cryotherapy for your retina in Saginaw is a modern ophthalmology treatment that uses freezing temperatures to treat retinal torn, detachment, and other similar conditions. It is preferred by surgeons who commonly work on retina in Saginaw if bleeding has already occurred on the patient’s eye. Here are some of the benefits cryopexy for your retina in Saginaw may give you:

Cryotherapy for Retina in Saginaw Can Preserve Your Vision

In the event that you get the symptoms of a detached retina in Saginaw, consult with an ophthalmologist as soon as you can. This is because if you don’t receive treatment for your retina in Saginaw for a long time, there’s a chance for it to peel off, causing you to lose your vision. Cryotherapy for retina in Saginaw can prevent this from happening.

Using freezing temperatures, cryopexy of your retina in Saginaw restores the pars plana in your eye. It is a connective tissue located near your iris and sclera, which holds your retina in place. Doctors who specialize in retina in Saginaw commonly perform this procedure since it greatly helps in preserving one’s eyesight.

Cryotherapy for Retina in Saginaw Does Not Cause Painful Sensations

If you’re one of the individuals who is afraid of surgical procedures, cryotherapy for retina in Saginaw may lessen your worries. Before the procedure, ophthalmologists who will operate on a patient’s retina in Saginaw will first give a painless anesthetic injection. You won’t have to be afraid of anything!

A doctor specializing in retina in Saginaw will use a metal probe to touch your eye which will freeze and destroy a small amount of membrane tissue in your retina. After this procedure your retina in Saginaw, the sensory membrane will respond by creating a natural scar, which will glue itself back in place.

Cryotherapy for Retina in Saginaw Helps You Recover From More Conditions

If you think that cryotherapy only helps a person who has a detached retina in Saginaw, you might be surprised with the fact that it can also treat other eye conditions. So apart from problems in the retina in Saginaw, here’s a list of the other eye diseases that can be treated when you go through cryotherapy:

  • Ocular Neovascularization
  • Retinal Ischemia
  • Retinoblastomas
  • Advanced Glaucoma
  • Coat’s Disease

Get Cryotherapy for Your Retina in Saginaw From Us

The eye specialists of Andersen Eye Associates understand the patients’ need for treatment for their retina in Saginaw. That’s why we offer cryopexy to people who have retinal tears or detachments.  We have excellent doctors who can do the operation on the retina in Saginaw. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.