Michael D. Bain, BCO, BADO


Michael D. Bain, BCO, BADO, NCLEC

Board Certified Ocularist
Artificial Eyes, Scleral Shells and Orbital Prosthetics

Michael Bain joined Andersen Eye Associates in 1998. He is trained in fitting and fabricating custom ocular prosthetics (artificial eyes).He is one of three Board Certified Ocularists (BCO) working in Michigan full-time and the only Board Certified Ocularist working north of Detroit. Along with fitting new prosthetics, Mr. Bain cares for patients who have worn artificial eyes for years.

To become Board Certified, Michael completed a five-year apprenticeship under a Board Certified Ocularist and sat for a rigorous two-day examination, administered by the National Examining Board of Ocularists. Upon passing the exam, Mr. Bain was granted BCO status; he maintains BCO status by completing many hours of continuing education each year.

Mr. Bain is a member of the American Society of Ocularists. He practices in Saginaw, Grand Rapids, and at Kresge Eye Institute in Detroit, MI.

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