What is the cornea?

The cornea is the clear front window of the eye that covers the colored iris and the round pupil. Light is focused while passing through the cornea so we can see. To stay clear, the cornea must be healthy.

How can an unhealthy cornea affect vision?

If the cornea is damaged, it may become swollen or scarred, and its smoothness and clarity may be lost. Scars, swelling or an irregular shape cause the cornea to scatter or distort light, resulting in glare or blurred vision.

A corneal transplant is needed if:

  • Vision cannot be corrected satisfactorily
  • Painful swelling cannot be relieved by medications or special contact lenses.

What conditions may require corneal transplants?

  • Corneal failure after other eye surgery, such as cataract surgery;
  • Kerataconus, a steep curving of the cornea;
  • Hereditary corneal failure, such as fuch's dystrophy;
  • Scarring after injections, especially after herpes;
  • Rejection after first corneal transplant;
  • Scarring after injury.

See Cornea Surgery for more information.


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