Scleral Shells

Scleral Shells

A scleral shell is used when a patient has an evisceration surgery or when a patient's globe remains in the socket. In an evisceration, the contents of the eye are removed from the globe, an implant is placed within, and the wound is closed.

In cases where patients still have an eye in their socket, it is necessary to create a thin shell. The patient's eye may be phthisical, meaning it is small and soft, or microphthalmic, a small underdeveloped eye. It may also be disfigured from trauma or disease.

When a patient requires a scleral shell, the ocularist takes the following steps:

Step 1: A mold of the eviscerated socket or globe is made.

Step 2: A wax shape or clear custom conformer may be used to determine fit of the shell.

Step 3: Once the shape is determined, a stone mold is made.

Step 4: The shell is then custom-hand painted to match the fellow eye.

Step 5: A clear cap is molded onto the front surface and cured. The entire prosthesis is polished to a high gloss and delivered to the patient.

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