FAQ's About Your Prosthesis


Q. Can I sleep in my prosthesis?

A. Yes, you can sleep in your prosthesis. It is recommended that you leave your prosthesis in at all times.

Q. How often should I clean it?
A. Clean your prosthesis whenever it feels “dirty." Some people describe the sensation as "gritty" or "gummy," but each patient is unique. Most patients will develop their own cleaning schedule. The less a patient needs to handle his/her prosthesis, the better.

Q. What is it made of? Is it a glass eye?
A. Eyes are very rarely made of glass today. They are made of an acrylic resin capable of being polished to a high luster. It can also be modified as needed.

Q. How often does it have to be replaced?
A. Each patient is unique. As our bodies constantly undergo change, so does the eye socket. Your socket may lose some of its orbital fat and your implant may migrate. Many circumstances could cause the need for a new prosthesis. For instance, if your prosthesis is years old and has been polished several times, the clear acrylic capping may be worn through and the artwork damaged. The plastic layers may delaminate, giving the appearance of a cataract on the pupil.

Most ocularists recommend frequent prosthesis check-ups. Every 6-12 months is the normal recommendation. The deterioration of your prosthesis will be gradual. With frequent checks, your ocularist can advise you when a replacement may be necessary.

Q. Will my insurance cover my prosthesis?
A. Some insurance plans have prosthetic coverage. Check with your carrier to see if you have coverage.

Q. How do I remove my prosthesis to clean it? How do I get it back in the socket?
A. See Caring for your Prosthesis.

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