Care of Your Ocular Prosthesis

Routine prosthesis care and maintenance is crucial to maintaining a healthy eye socket. Prosthetics will accumulate a buildup of calcium and protein from your natural tear film, and this matter needs to be polished away to keep the socket in good health.

To remove your prosthesis:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly.
  2. Apply suction holder to center of prosthesis.
  3. Holding suction holder with one hand, pull down lower lid.
  4. Slide prosthesis down and out from underneath upper lid.

To clean prosthesis:

  1. Rinse prosthesis thoroughly with warm water.
  2. Rub with a mild soap to clean away debris and hand oils. EXAMPLES OF ACCEPTABLE SOAPS?
  3. Rinse prosthetic thoroughly.

To re-insert prosthesis:

  1. Apply suction holder slightly below center of iris.
  2. Lift upper lid and slide prosthesis up underneath.
  3. When prosthesis has been pushed under upper lid, release upper lid and pull lower lid down.
  4. Set prosthesis in place.
  5. Squeeze suction holder to release from prosthesis.

Download a PDF instruction sheet.

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